Weekend reading list

What are you reading this weekend?


I’m about to start Pale Horses. I actually won this book a while back from Goodreads.com. The copy I have is an advanced copy, sadly when this book came in I wasn’t able to read it right away.


This is word for word from the back cover. (My copy is an advanced uncopyedited edition so this may differ from the actual copy that was published.)


“At first, the case appears to be one of simple misadventure. Sonet van Rensburg, a base jumper, falls to her death while attempting to parachute off a newly built sixty-five-story Sandton skyscraper. But Sonet’s jumping partner, Chris Theron, insists that this was no accident, and he hires private investigator Jade de Jon to uncover the truth.

Jade discovers that Sonet worked for a charity that helped impoverished communities become self-supporting farming units. When Jade travels out to the community farm in Limpopo, she finds that it not just abandoned but razed to the ground. Digging deeper for answers about where the residents went, Jade learns about a fatal but unknown disease that swept through the entire community. A deadly harvest has been gathered, and the person who knows the real truth about it has been forced to become collateral in its trade. “

My copy is 297 pages so I am hoping it should only take me a day or two to finish. I will update once I am done!

Have you read this book? What did you think if so?

My book also came with a note from the author, which I think is a really sweet touch!