For those of you who have Smartphone’s, what apps do you find yourself addicted too?

For me, it’s a few different things…


First off my kindle app, I get emails daily about the free EBooks’ that are available, and it never fails there’s at least 1 (okay maybe all of them) that I just have to download. It’s really kind of insane. The last time I checked I had something like 400 books on my kindle. But, somehow I never can find something I want to read, which causes me to have to buy a new book. I have a goal to read 20 books this year, which gives me the perfect excuse to keep downloading more books. Anyone else like this? I truly have a problem. Hehe But, I guess it could be worse.


Next up Candy Crush… I’d just like to say you’re a big meanie to who ever sent me a request on this game. This game pretty much took over my Angry Birds game addiction. I could sit and play for HOURS which is what happens because I have like 40+ friends who also play and send me lives. It’s like their feeding my drug addition… Hmm… Maybe I should change that to candy addition? It’s kind of funny because at work I can talk to random strangers about candy crush since a good portion of the people I come into contact with play the game. It’s funny how frustrated some people (myself) get when they can’t beat a level.


Pinterest… Ugh … Like, it wasn’t bad enough that every time I got on my laptop I was glued to Pinterest half of the (all) night. If you don’t already know,I love to make arts and crafts, so this website is pure evil. And now I have the app on my phone and anytime I have a few minutes I’m searching for what I want to make next. Well, for the few minutes that I’m not playing candy crush I’m on this app… Even opening Pinterest long enough for me to take this picture was hard. I pinned like 6 things!

Those are the main 3 apps that seem to keep me busy every free second I have, which usually is not a lot, but gosh those off days sometimes I’ve got to fight with myself to get things done and stay away from my phone.

I’d really love to hear what apps are your favorites! 🙂

P.S. My husband and I went to the book store today and I got 3 more books. Haha I seriously am a nerd. ❤

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